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Daily Roundup from Willard Payne (Night Watch Information Service)
Sunday, 28 October 2007 12:32

by Williard Payne

ANKARA - Xinhua reports the eleven member Iraq delegation arrived in Ankara led by Defense Minister General Abdel Qadar Jassim accompanied by National Security Minister Shirwan al-Waili. In the delegation were intelligence officials and representatives of the Kurdish community in northern Iraq, which is why I suspect the PKK may have over estimated their popularity. Most Kurds may be willing to work with the governments they live under whether Ankara-Damascus-Baghdad-Teheran. The composition of the delegation and headed by the Defense Minister implies Baghdad has agree to cooperate fully with Turkey on its Action Plan offensive that I suspect will begin right after the international conferences to take place in Istanbul from November 1-3.
Ankara - General Jassim left Ankara after four and a half hours of planning joint actions with Turkey’s military. This is further indication Iraq’s future depends on cooperation with regional governments.
Deir ez Zor - “Syria took town this facility so quickly it looks like they are trying to hide something.” That is the analysis of David Albright President of the Institute for Science and International Security of the satellite images that have just been released of the military base Israel destroyed with its air strike Sept. 6 at Deir ez Zor. Al Jazeera quotes James Acton, specialist in nuclear affairs at Kings College, London, “If it was a nuclear reactor it was only at an early stage of construction. The images are not definite and they do not prove it was a nuclear reactor, but there are some strong resemblances to one.” Syrian and North Korean officials have had a recent meeting in which they are still discussing potential cooperation on Syria’s nuclear weapons program, perhaps nuclear warheads for the ballistic missiles Syria has been producing with Iran.
Gaza - Heavy fighting is continuing in Gaza as Israel attempts to end the Qassam rocket fire from Palestinian militant units. RIA reports at least six Palestinian gunmen were killed and a dozen wounded in action all over Gaza against Israeli ground forces and from an air strike. The gunmen were from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israel is also threatening to cut power supply to Gaza and is planning economic sanctions.
Budapest - The Serbian government in Belgrade has just received more regional support in the form of a security agreement with the Hungarian government in Budapest. Hungary Chief of Staff Andros Havril stated, after meeting his Serbian counterpart Zdravko Ponos, the agreement will be made official next year at a signing ceremony between their Defense Ministers. Of course if heavy fighting breaks out next month the agreement will become operational right away.

In a parallel development Bosnian Serbs have announced if Albanians in Kosovo declare their independence then the Serbs in Bosnia will announce their independence from the Muslim-Croat government in Sarajevo.

Daily Roundup from Willard Payne (Night Watch Information Service)

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