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Uncounted Casualties of War
Wednesday, 27 December 2006 15:38
by Larry C Johnson

The bodies keep piling up, but not just in Iraq.  Police in a Maryland town killed an Iraq war vet.  This news bite from the Washington, DC metro region:

LEONARDTOWN, Md. -- An Army reservist just called up to serve in Iraq was fatally shot by police Tuesday after a standoff that began Christmas night.  .  .  . Dean's family contacted police Monday night, saying he was armed and threatening to kill himself, the sheriff said. Dean later told police he would shoot anyone who entered the house.Dean, who had ranger training, was despondent about several things, including recent orders for him to go to Iraq, the family told authorities. Dean had returned in 2005 from a year-and-a-half-long tour in Iraq. Cameron did not know what reserve unit Dean served in.
The tragedy was compounded by the incompetence of the Leonardtown police tactical team.  These clowns dressed in their Ninja gear pushed for a violent solution rather than wait Dean out and talk him down.  There was no justified tactical reason to launch the assault.  No one other than Dean was in immediate jeopardy. 

Although Dean was killed by local police his blood stains the hands of George Bush and Don Rumsfeld and every member of Congress who voted to send these kids to a war of choice.  But no politician will be standing at Dean's grave mourning his loss or honoring his service.

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