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Mada condemns the Israeli aggression on Gaza and Aqsa TV headquarters
Monday, 29 December 2008 08:36

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (Mada) strongly condemns the continued Israeli occupation authority's attacks on journalists and the Palestinian media, in the framework of its criminal aggression on Gaza Strip, which began yesterday (December 27), and left more than 280 martyrs and hundreds of wounded.

Israeli warplane fired two missiles early today morning on Aqsa TV headquarters in Gaza city, which destroyed it completely. But it continued to broadcast from a secret location, where one of its news announcers said "this voice continues its work to expose the crimes of the occupation," .This new crime, reminds us of bombing and destruction of Palestinian Public Radio and TV crime, on 19January 2002 by Israeli occupation.

Although the bombing did not lead to any casualties in Aqsa TV staff, in view of the administration evacuation the headquarters in the previous day, but it forced Palestinian radio stations in Gaza Strip to evacuate its headquarters for fear of bombardment.

The Israeli occupation forces penetrated Sawt Al-Sha'b radio frequencies in Gaza city this morning, where they podcasted incitement against the resistance, and called on citizens not to cooperate with them. The radio administration denounced this action in a statement, "this is part of the aggression which doesn't spare anything".

While the Israeli occupation forces continued to prevent foreign journalists from entering Gaza Strip, the continuation of its aggression is a threat to the journalists covering the events there, ARD German TV correspondent Zakaria Al-Telmes said that the danger lurks in every place we go to cover the events.

Mada again expresses condemnation of the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip in general, and on Aqsa Television and Sawt Al-Sha'b radio, in particular. Mada calls upon the international community to bear its responsibility to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip and the media, and to lift of the siege completely.
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