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Jason Leopold is co-founder of The Public Record, and author of the book, News Junkie, which has been optioned by a Hollywood production company. Leopold was most recently senior editor for the online news magazine, Truthout.org. He has worked as the Los Angeles bureau chief for Dow Jones Newswire and as a city editor and reporter for the Los Angeles Times. He is a two-time winner of a Project Censored award for his investigative work on Halliburton and Enron, and is featured in the 2005 and 2007 editions of Censored: The News that Didn

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04/18/2010 05:23:14 Bush, Cheney Knew Gitmo Prisoners Innocent - Ex Bush Official Willing to Testify
04/02/2009 07:49:30Democrats Duck Bush Torture Probe
03/25/2009 20:00:40CIA Has 3,000 Documents on Torture Tapes
03/20/2009 06:40:02Marine Capt. Tyler E. Boudreau Puts a Human Face on War
02/07/2009 11:50:38Gonzales May Face Obstruction Charges in U.S. Attorney Probe
01/12/2009 13:48:17Bush Spins Scandalous Neglect of Vets
12/29/2008 08:11:06 Cheney Admits He 'Signed Off' on Waterboarding of Three Guantanamo Prisoners
12/21/2008 18:03:14CIA Warned Condi on Niger Claim
12/21/2008 15:06:31Cheney Admits Detainee-Abuse Role
12/16/2008 08:55:12Torture Trail Seen Starting with Bush
12/13/2008 23:14:01Shinseki Promises to Streamline Benefits Claims at Veterans Administration
12/08/2008 08:12:07Mukasey's 'Nixon Defense' of Bush
12/07/2008 22:24:51Holder Must Balance Security, Rights
12/04/2008 08:13:57‘Culture of Dishonesty' At Department of Veterans Affairs
11/17/2008 12:45:01Lieberman's Weak Record on Oversight
11/10/2008 18:42:00Obama: 'New Mission in Iraq: Ending the War'
11/02/2008 17:16:25DOJ's Internal Watchdogs Probing Leak of ACORN Investigation
10/26/2008 09:11:08Voter Registration Group ACORN Long a Target of GOP Operatives
10/25/2008 14:52:17Bush’s Concerns Over Voter Fraud Led to Iglesias’s Firing
10/24/2008 07:34:52Rice Admits She Led High-Level White House Talks About Torture
10/12/2008 11:51:25Cheney's Testimony in Valerie Plame Leak Case Classified, DOJ Says
10/05/2008 12:49:01Palin Claims Right to See All State Files
09/29/2008 08:33:32Palin's Office Launched Probe Into Ex Brother-in Law's Disability Claims
09/28/2008 15:47:34Palin's Office Scrubs Documents From Governor's Website
09/19/2008 09:39:34Palin's Reformer Image Tainted by History of Ethical Lapses
09/19/2008 08:13:38McCain VP Pick Has History of Clashes
09/12/2008 00:18:50Billionaire Backer Of Anti-Obama Ad Previously Broke Campaign Finance Laws
09/10/2008 13:29:10Palin's Office Scrubs Documents From Governor's Website
09/08/2008 10:13:47Judge Rebuffs White House Immunity
08/28/2008 01:16:02Conyers Questions Iraq 'Forgery'
08/28/2008 00:50:39A McCain Administration Could Result in More Wars in Middle East
08/17/2008 21:37:345 Years After Blackout, Power Grid Still in 'Dire Straits'
08/17/2008 14:34:12Justice Probe Still Threatens Gonzales
08/17/2008 13:38:55New Details Emerge in Missing White House Emails Case
08/17/2008 11:40:45McCain's Spin on the 'Surge'
08/14/2008 03:58:39Secret "Torture Memo" Gave Legal Cover to Interrogators Who Acted in "Good Faith"
08/14/2008 03:53:27Government Investigators Give Bush's Troop 'Surge' Mixed Reviews
08/14/2008 03:21:42Army Vet's Suicide Raises Questions About VA's Treatment of PTSD Cases
08/12/2008 17:41:07Rep. Ackerman Defends Iran Sanctions Measure, But Critics Call it An Act of War
08/06/2008 14:40:26Reasons to Oppose Drilling in ANWR Found in Alaska's North Slope
08/05/2008 14:41:24Bush Hides 'Plame-gate' Testimony
07/24/2008 11:46:16White House Loses Appeal to Keep Visitor Logs Secret
07/24/2008 11:17:18Bush Looks to His (Secret) Legacy
07/21/2008 11:53:51Kucinich to Introduce New Article of Impeachment Against Bush Thursday
07/18/2008 11:49:54Bush-Cheney Crony Got Iraq Oil Deal
07/11/2008 02:49:55Iraq Oil Deals Fulfill Cheney's Goals
07/09/2008 02:56:23Veterans Groups to Appeal Judge's Decision Over VA's Treatment of PTSD Cases
07/09/2008 02:08:27Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Bill to Fund Iraq War Until Mid-2009
06/27/2008 20:31:14Ex Weapons Inspector Says Iran Not Pursuing Nukes, But U.S. Will Attack Before ‘09
06/27/2008 16:55:06Report: Rising Health Care Costs Causing Serious Economic Woes
06/27/2008 12:25:34Top Dems Hand Bush Key Victories
06/27/2008 08:10:12McCain's Nuclear Power Policy Identical to Bush Administration's
06/18/2008 22:26:22Top Pentagon Officials Developed Brutal Interrogation Methods at Guantanamo
06/18/2008 20:12:42Judge Rules in White House’s Favor in Missing Email Case
06/18/2008 16:37:19Waxman Subpoenas DOJ for Bush, Cheney's Plame-Leak Transcripts
06/16/2008 09:17:16Kucinich Vows New Round of Impeachment Articles Against Bush If Measure Dies
06/13/2008 04:52:49DOJ Official: Rumsfeld Personally Approved of Brutal Interrogations
06/13/2008 04:26:59McClellan to Testify Before Congress About Bush Administration’s Role in Plame Leak
06/13/2008 04:11:43Abramoff Had Closer Ties to Bush
06/13/2008 01:33:44U.S. Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against President Bush
06/13/2008 00:42:50Judge May Reopen Case Against VA After PTSD Email Emerges
06/13/2008 00:42:45House Democrats Want Bush Administration Investigated for War Crimes
06/06/2008 02:59:48Bush Vowed US Would "Kill" Anyone Who Interfered in Iraq, Book Claims
06/05/2008 12:27:01McClellan Suggests Plame Cover-up
06/05/2008 11:16:51New Mexico Sheriff, Now GOP Congressional Candidate Played Role in Iglesias’s Firing
06/04/2008 08:10:03Libby Links Cheney to Plame Leak
05/30/2008 20:33:36Rove Protégé May Dig for Dirt on Obama
05/23/2008 08:45:45McCain Defends 'Enron Loophole'
05/16/2008 09:27:37Bush Operative Pushes Voter-ID Law
05/10/2008 01:12:56 Lost E-Mails Obscure 'Plame-gate'
04/22/2008 10:30:36Torture Question Hovers Over Chertoff
08/15/2007 23:29:47RNC Now Seeks Shelter of Executive Privilege
07/07/2004 11:54:06Jason Leopold: Armitage Shmarmitage


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